BG part 63

An Honor … to be in the company of someone, who 10 years previous, had murdered. Now they were participating in a conference on evangelism. They were barefoot Indians who had killed 5 missionaries in Ecuador.

What’s up 6/18/2019

Visited Spring Valley yesterday, expected location of the first radio/TV station. This part was not rehearsed. Both on the way there and on the way back I met strangers with that wonderful kindred spirit. A new development is a thought inspired by the hymn, “Lord, lead me to higher ground”. There could be several meanings […]

BG part 62

Unity vs Denominational Squabbling While organizing various conferences on doing evangelism Billy Graham noticed that Pentecostals had to be hushed up. This did not sit well with Billy’s team. The disunity was wrong and had to be fixed yesterday. The solution that worked for them was to tell each participant something. That he or she […]

BG part 61

International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists The Billy-Graham Association sponsored several of these in Europe. At one of them Billy and Ruth met someone who they thought, was a typical delegate. Surprise. A graduate from Cambridge University in England. Had returned to his home country to do “faith” evangelism. The norm is to settle down in […]

BG part 60

Prayer answered 30 years Later When Billy toured Russia for the first time he asked that the Gospel be preached in Moscow. That prayer was answered in 1992. At the final mtg. 70,000 people showed up. Over 1/2 of them responded to the invitation.