Sizing up u Guys

A former pastor at this Calvary Chapel used to say, “In a crowd this size, there must be at least one person who ________”. In a similar vein I have blog statistics on my visitors as supplied by WordPress. Some of the numbers are eye-openers:

  • A few years ago, there were some page-views from Colombia. Never did figure that one out.
  • A few days ago, someone from Hong Kong came by. No clues here, unless they are checking out my anti-communist views.
  • In the last couple of months about 1/2 of my visitors are in Canada. Relatives? Checking on that black sheep?
  • This one gives cause for alarm. The stats show that some of the people who read do not bother clicking on the videos. Maybe they are too busy = their problem. My point of view is that the videos express my views with skill and much compassion.

    This hurts – people like that and I are not on the same page.