BG part 57

Much Fruit

Around 1985 the Billy Graham team detected signs that communism was moderating in Eastern Europe – and crowds reflected that change.

A gift of charity started the bail rolling in Romania after an earthquake there. Factors that weakened the Romanian gov’t:

  • A terrible record of human-rights violations. (Authorities tried impress the US critics by inviting the evangelistic team)
  • An internal rebellion – attempts to suppress the language and culture of Hungarians that lived in Romania – backfired.
  • Huge crowds gathered at each stop. On one stop at a Monastery, crowds even filled the courtyard with people climbing trees for a better view. Fortunately, the authorities allowed speakers to be set up. (In other places they did not allow them or cut the wires)

The gov’t had to recognize the hand of God – in spite of the bad attitudes of some officials, it provided two airplanes for the team and gear. And police escorts.